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Helping Victims of California Wildfires Helping Victims of California Wildfires
Losing your home to a wildfire in California is devastating. Losing someone you love to a fire is unimaginable. Even worse, at a time when victims of wildfires are grieving terribly, and need help, counseling, support, and a place to live, insurance companies often attempt to settle fire claims as quickly as possible.

In spite of the vulnerable position victims of wildfires find themselves in - through no fault of their own - insurance companies attempt to get you to agree to a settlement far less than you deserve.

If you've suffered enormous loss due to a wildfire in California, we are here as your ally and your friend, and will fight to protect you from low-ball insurance settlements.
The victim's attorneys at the Wildfire Law Center
stand with you, and we will fight for you.
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Don't Settle Until You Speak with a California Wildfire Attorney

At the Wildfire Law Center, we strongly encourage you to refrain from signing a settlement agreement without speaking to a top California Wildfire attorney. Many times, homeowner's insurance will only cover a fraction of the ultimate cost to restore a property to the way it was before the fire. Worse, victims often find that they are under-insured and their homeowner's insurance will neither cover the entire cost to rebuild your house nor cover other aspects of the property.

At California Wildfire Law Center, we ensure that if a utility company's negligence is responsible for your losses, that they are held accountable for reforestation, erosion, loss of personal property, business property and losses, agricultural losses, and pain and suffering. Although we cannot replace what you've lost, we can fight for the only form of justice available after losing everything in fire in California -- the monetary compensation you need and deserve.

Why is it so Important to Talk with An Attorney Before Settling a California Wildfire Claim?

It is important that you have any settlement reviewed by a top fire attorney. This is to prevent you from accepting an unfair claim which reduces your property value. The loss you report needs to account for factors such as:
  • Inability to rebuild in the same area due to zoning changes or environmental restrictions
  • Rebuilding guidelines that prevent you from rebuilding with the same value you had prior to your loss in the fire

You have already suffered enough loss from the fire. The Wildfire Law Center is here to protect you from settling for less than you deserve and less than you need to rebuild not just your home, but your life. Call Us Today: 619-566-6464
What to Do If You've Been Affected by Fires in California

What to Do If You've Been Affected by Fires in California

From Paradise to Malibu, and Agoura Hills to San Diego, wildfires have claimed thousands of homes and far too many lives recently. With staggering numbers of homes destroyed, and incomprehensible personal losses resulting from the recent Camp Fire, Woolsley Fire, Hill Fire and others, our team at the Wildfire Law Center is here to help when you need it most.
To begin recovering, it helps to prepare basic information before contacting an attorney including:
  • Date of Loss
  • List of items lost
  • Injuries
  • Location of Home
  • Your Insurance Company

About Wildfire Law Center in California

Wildfire Law Center is a victim's only law firm,working for those who have suffered as the result of wildfires in California. Our firm operates on a contingency basis for you, so there is NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE, and we only collect fees if we win for you.

If you've lost a loved one, your home, your business, or your personal property, we're here for you. As a plaintiff's attorney, we only represent individuals, never insurance companies or defendants. Our team of experienced wildfire attorneys will aggressively advocate and negotiate on your behalf to ensure your claim is settled fairly, so that you can begin to put the pieces back together. As a top California Wildfire Law Firm, we are here to stand by you, and to fight for you.

Before you agree to a California Wildfire Settlement, contact our award-winning team of Wildfire Attorneys today.

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Before You Agree

to a California Wildfire Settlement, contact our award-winning team of wildfire attorneys today at

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